VIBE Electric is searching for the most innovative products to bring to the marketplace. These products will improve the lives of our clients. 

An all-in-one smart electrical panel that makes solar, EV charging, battery, and generator integration fast and easy.

Smart Electrical Panel

  • Solar ready
  • Backup power ready
  • Equipped for future storage and solar capacity additions
    after install.
  • Manufactured by the trusted leader in residential
    energy management.
  • A foundation for faster solar and storage installations
  • Extra room makes wiring more comfortable and allows for the addition of smart relays and contactors

Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitor App

Take comfort into your own hands
Set alerts and goals to save energy, while you estimate your monthly energy bills.

Take control of your energy use
See what’s on 24/7. Create custom notifications, letting you know when things turn on or off.

Enjoy greater savings every day!
View and control connected products. See your solar generation with the solar edition.